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As health coach is a behavior modification expert and usually provides a holistic approach to their services. Unlike the relationship a patient has with their doctor, which is largely skewed towards the doctor “having all the answers,” the relationship between a health coach and their client is more of a partnership. A health coach does not (usually) tell their clients what to do. Instead they guide their client towards sustainable lifestyle change, by helping them set SMART goals, and to stay motivated as they strive to form new healthy lifestyle habits. A health coach does not diagnose, prescribe or treat their clients. Instead, they coach clients who are seeking to modify their poor lifestyle habits coaching Group coaching E-courses

Wellness Coaching is not about focusing necessarily on understanding experiences in your past or why you may be stuck as you might explore in some therapy work. It is, instead, more present, future and action-oriented. The main focus of Wellness Coaching is to help you notice what IS working in your life and help you leverage your strengths to create possibilities and positive changes in your future.

I hold a master's degree in social work with a bachelor's degree in psychology and social work. Also, I have a life coach certification from the international association of professions career college. I am well equipped to collaborate with people and increase the quality of their lives and I am an expert in these three fields. My credentialing is important for the validity of the professional fields I work within.

As a professional in the health and wellness coaching, It is critical for me to keep everything confidential for each and every client I see. I discuss all the logistics upfront to make sure you are comfortable with the process, and the ongoing confidentiality.

This will depend on your schedule, as your health coach will uniquely tailor each session to meet your needs. Ideally, a coaching session would be at least 30 minutes long.

In areas of wellness and healthy living; I have found that three months is an ideal time frame for working with the consistent support of a coach to experience transformative goal setting and lifestyle changes.

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